Fence maintenance and repair is a yearly or semi-annual task that most people avoid. They love their fenced yard but they don’t like to maintain the fence. This problem leads to deterioration of the fence. The structural integrity and lifespan are depleted by putting off the task of yearly fence maintenance. “Don’t be on the fence” about annual maintenance. If you invest your time and money by installing a fence system that requires minimal maintenance, it need not be a bothersome task. Some fence material and styles require more maintenance than other fence types. Choose the fence style and material that suit your budget and your property.

Fence repair and maintenance cost varies from as low as $100 to as high as $500. Skilled DIY (Do-It-Yourself) homeowners might be able to tackle tough maintenance and repair jobs. If you do not want to tackle this job, hire a skilled fence contractor to perform the yearly maintenance task. Of course, it will increase your fence maintenance budget. However, it is worth the extra cost to achieve the best results. An unsightly or poorly maintained fence system detracts from curb appeal and decreases property value. A yard always looks nice when a fence has a fresh coat of paint or is properly stained and sealed to prevent that weather-worn look. If a vinyl fence is what you have, this type of fence still requires maintenance though much less than other types of fence materials. A quick refreshing spray and replacement or repair of the fence panels and hardware improves a poorly maintained vinyl fence system.

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Each type of fence material whether it is wood, vinyl, or chain link, requires annual or semi-annual maintenance. Your goal should be to protect your investment and increase your property value. An annual maintenance plan will help you to achieve your goal. If you have a wood fence, check the panels and hardware and properly finish or seal the fence. A coat of new paint will greatly improve the appearance of your wood fence. Check the fence for wood rot caused by fungus and inclement weather. Replace loose boards, damaged panels and gates, and repair or replace loose hardware. Vinyl fences should be spray washed with a garden hose or power washed. Replace damaged panels, gates, and hardware. Vinyl fence material is paintable. If your fence is looking dull, consider brightening your fence with a new paint color. Chain link fences can be painted or repaired. If your chain link fence is vinyl coated, to replace damaged sections of the fence, you may be able to match the vinyl color. Check for loose hardware. Replace damaged top rails, posts and check for loose fence ties. Replace worn privacy slats with those of a new color. Look at annual fence maintenance, not as a dull chore, but instead as a chance to increase your curb appeal. Improve your property value by giving your fence an annual makeover. Your yard and your fence will be the envy of the neighborhood.