During the cold winter months, pests like to find a way into your home. Similar to humans, pests, such as rodents, dislike cold temperatures. They will find any route possible to invade your home. Sneaky pests find every nook and cranny to hide. Rodents are troublesome pests that eat paper, insulation, material, food, and wiring, causing big problems inside your home. Mice, rats, and squirrels like to invade attics and cellars to chew on items stored in your home. Squirrels will even chew on plastic. Protect your family because rodents pose a health risk. 

Most people use natural methods, mouse traps, or chemical products to remove rodents. Never store dangerous chemicals within the reach of children or pets. Purchase baited mouse traps that are available at most retail or hardware stores. Natural pest control is a safe alternative to use. Acquire a cat, though, all cats are not effective mousers. Various types of mouse traps allow for catch and release. Purchased traps include glue or sticky, baited and electric mouse traps that can be purchased at most large retail stores. 

Using internet research, you will discover many creative do-it-yourself (DIY) methods of trapping mice, rats, and squirrels. Year-round pest control requires work. Whether you prefer natural methods, chemicals, or traps, to rid your home of rodents, take preventive steps to eradicate your home of the pesky critters. Seal off all entry points and replace worn-out weather seals or weather stripping. Replace worn door sweeps. Seal up cracks and crevices in your chimney and basement foundation.

Inside the house, remove clutter and don’t allow trash and old newspapers to collect. Outdoors, ensure that garbage cans are tightly sealed and stored away from your home’s entrance doors, windows, and all air vents. Seal around all types of pipes, ducts, and vents. Tightly seal all gaps, cracks, and crevices where rodents can find entrance routes into your home. Mice are attracted to food so keep appliances and counter surfaces clean and free of food residue. Seal all food in containers. Remove clutter, oily rags, and newspapers which are fire hazards that attract rodents. Clear out storage boxes or regularly check them to deter all types of pests. Check the attic and basement for old clothing, paper, rags, and old furniture, and other items stored in your home. Rodents will hide in and chew on these types of items. Rodents will eat the wiring in a car. Repair and replace damaged screens and check all vents. Check the attic vents and the chimney cap because squirrels and mice can use them as entry routes. Replace damaged caps and install screens to keep out rodents like mice, or squirrels, and even raccoons from creating a nest in your chimney. Fix damaged window screens and put screens over vents to deter rodents. Remove clutter and old rags. Remember that half of the battle of pest control is diligent prevention and maintenance of your home, basement, attic, and garage. Prevention is the best method to deter rodents.